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Relocation Consulting s.r.o. Protection of Personal Data General Terms and Conditions

Protection of Personal Data

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This document describes how Relocation Consulting s.r.o. collects, processes and protects personal data of the customers visiting the webpage of the Relocation Consulting s.r.o. (“our web” or “ web”) or/and during service delivery. In this document we would like to inform you about how we handle the data and information you share with us.

Relocation Consulting s.r.o. with registered address at Rudlovská cesta 957/41, 97401 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, company ID (ICO): 52184 862, Tax No. (DIČ): 2120924861, company registered with the Business Register Banská Bystrica, Insert. 35894/S, sec ltd

Relocation Consulting s.r.o. is committed to protection of personal data of its customers and suppliers in line with valid regulations for the protection of the personal data – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and respective country legislation for Slovakia.

In this document you will learn:

Why we collect and process personal data ?
What information/data we collect ?
Who are we sharing your information/data with?
How are we protecting your data?
Your rights, access to your data, right for deletion and to complain

Why we collect and process personal data

Personal data that we obtain from our customers, employees, suppliers and partners are only utilized in a manner that is appropriate to the purpose for which they were obtained. We only maintain these data for period necessary and for which the consent was provided. We will only maintain data that was obtained for a legitimate purpose (e.g. legal framework may require archiving of certain data or some data may be necessary for purposes of invoicing)

Provision of Services

Primary reason we are collecting and processing your data is to enable us to deliver services ordered – relocation and immigration services or consultancy support. When providing services to you we will provide you with a separate document (Consent with Processing of Personal Data) to clarify what information may be collected and with what authorities, institutions or parties data may be shared with.

Basic Communication, Ordering , Invoicing and Payments

Some of the data you are providing us (or we request from you) are critical to allow us to communicate with you, provide you with quotation of our services or issue invoice. Please keep in mind that this data we must collect and maintain based on law and hence they may remain in our records for extending period of time (e.g. orders and invoices must be stored for tax purposes even after we finished delivering services to you)

What information/data we collect

Every service that we provide requires different set of the data. Upon initation of the services we will instruct what kind of data will be required and we also request Consent with Processing of Personal Data.

We limit the data that we request, collect and process to only to those data that are critical for service delivery and for tracking of expiration dates (permits or contracts)

We are also asking you to only share the necessary data.

Evaluation of Job Applications

If you will send your CV as part of job application process we will record details you provided in your CV (such as name and surname, contact details – phone, e-mail) We will also inquire about your education, previous working experience as well as other information that may be relevant to evaluate your capabilities for particular job position.

Who are we sharing your information/data with?

Your personal data can be shared with third parties that fall to one or more of these categories:

Offices and institutions: Foreign Police, Labour Office, Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Ministry of Interior of SR/PL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of SR/PL, Ministry of labour social affairs and family of SR/PL, Bureau of labour social affairs and family, Registry office, Criminal Records office, Tax office, Customs office, Court, Education facility

Embassies and visa centres: Embassies of the Slovak Republic, Embassies of foreign countries in Slovakia, visa centres

Other: Notary office, translation agency, accommodation facility-hotel, real estate agency, health clinic, bank, mobility coordinators

Employer or accepting company: foreign or Slovak company, current or/and future employer

Do not be alarmed, we will not share your data with all of the above, only with those third parties that are relevant in your particular situation.

Without your consent we will not share the data with other third parties unless sharing of such data is explicitly permitted by respective legislation.

How are we protecting your data?

We make sure to keep the data safe – whether it is obtained electronically or physically.

We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure data security. The objective is to ensure protection and eliminate situation where data could be lost, or avoid situation of unlawful processing, access, transfer, copying or changes of your data.

Data that you share with us, or vice versa we will share with you or third parties will be protected both when used electronically (password secured, encrypted, access limited) or physically (sealed document files, lockable containers, access only to authorized personnel)

We would like to confirm that access to the data is only provided to the authorized personnel whose access is essential to secure service delivery. Such authorized personnel has been trained in the subject of data protection and/or is bound by contract (contract includes data protection and confidentiality)

Your rights, access to your data, right for deletion and to complain

According to the law, you are entitled to request from us:

• Information about what parsonal data we are processing or ask for copy of this data;

• obtain confirmation as to whether or not your personal data are being processed and where that is the case access to your personal data and asked for these data to be updated or adjusted;

• without undue delay the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning you,

• erasure of personal data concerning you if your personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;

• restriction of processing your personal data, if you contested the accuracy of the personal data, for a period enabling our company to verify the accuracy of the personal data;

• receive the personal data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and you have the right to transmit those data to another controller

• Ask for clarification regarding need to process the data

Deletion of your data

You have right to access the information about the personal data we processed. You can also request rectification or deletion or limitation of the data concerning your person.

You can also ask us to share your information with another data processor.

We respond to all such request and will accommodate them. We would though like to inform you that if your request is repetitive, not legitimate or excessive we reserve the right to charge appropriate administration fee or reject processing of such request.

In case of any doubts regarding fulfilment of our obligations or if you feel that your data was not processed in line with the law or you wish to file complain the Office for Protection of Personal Data of the Slovak Republic.

Please contact us at, if you have questions regarding protection of your data.

Data Protection Rules

These rules on protection of personal data have been issued by Relocation Consulting on 05.02.2019. We reserve right to amend or change these rules. Data has been uploaded to our website on 05.02.2019.

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