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Intercultural Training and Education

One of Relocation Consulting signature offer is intercultural training for businesses.

Simply put, intercultural training — which can also be called cross-cultural or multicultural training — educates employees on the cultural differences between countries or world regions, with the goal of preparing them for smooth, successful communication in international business settings. Intercultural training programs cover areas such as business etiquette in the target culture; how to greet and introduce oneself to peers; norms for speaking and negotiating in meetings; and major cultural faux pas that could damage a business relationship.

When a team or employee is sent abroad or designated to handle intercultural communication with clients or partners, they are representing your company in a high-stakes situation. This type of relevant cultural knowledge can improve your team’s ability to interact politely and professionally in international business settings, and to ultimately achieve their objectives in the meeting or negotiation. Intercultural training sessions may also expound on the broader cultural elements that necessitate these actions.

Intercultural training also increases employee confidence while operating within a new and different cultural context.

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