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Emergency Situation in Slovakia – Precautions and Restrictions

Today, on March 12th 2020 the crisis staff has adopted tough measures to stop coronavirus infection from spreading.

Precautions adopted by the crisis staff

  • The introduction of border controls on all crossings, starting on March 13. People will be allowed to enter Slovakia only if they have a permanent or temporary residence permit. People living in the border areas like Rajka or Kittsee who work in Slovakia will need a valid confirmation for working in Slovakia.
  • The closure of all three international airports in Bratislava, Košice and Poprad for passenger transport. Private and cargo flights will not be limited. The Interior Ministry will discuss possibilities on how to transport them home with foreign holidaymakers who are currently in Slovakia.
  • Stop to international train and bus transport through Slovakia, except for supplies. The operation of domestic trains in holiday regime.
  • International haulage should not be restricted so that supplies for companies are secured.
  • The mandatory 14-day quarantine for all people coming from abroad. For those who do not want to threaten their family members, the Interior Ministry will open its facilities.
  • The closure of schools and school facilities for 14 days, starting on March 16.
  • The closure of social and cultural facilities.
  • Shopping centres will be closed during the upcoming weekend, with only groceries, drugstores and pharmacies opened.
  • The closure of bars, night discos, ski centres, wellness centres and water parks. Restaurants and hotels will remain open.
  • The restriction of office hours in client centres, district authorities, labour offices and Sociálna Poisťovňa offices. They will be open for three hours only, while the number of clients will be limited too.

Contact for the public about coronavirus: Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic – 0917 222 682, E-mail:

Source: Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak republic, March 12th 2020

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